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Convenient and cost-effective mailing solutions on campus
All University of Wisconsin departments/affiliates are eligible
Bulk Mail Offers (200+ pieces):
• Inkjet Addressing for automated mail
• Machine Envelope Inserting & Sealing
• Manual Inserting
• Machine Tabbing
• Letter Folding
Extension Mail Offers:
• First Class Metering
• Business Reply Mail
• Package Shipping
• International Mailing

➢ Save Money, NCOA in Advance

$$Are you recycling too many leftover pieces following your mailing? When there are hundreds (or even thousands) of duplicates, this can significantly throw off your count. We can clean your address lists in advance and return a final mailing quantity so you know how much material to order.

View our F.A.Q. for more information.

➢ Labor for Flats Price Adjustment ($14 per thousand)

If a mailpiece is considered a flat, a labor charge is applied due to the extra labor required compared to processing letters. Previously, there were two different charges depending on page count of the flat ($5 or $10 per thousand), however all flats now receive the same new rate. For more information, please reference Code 18 on our BMC Billing Service Codes PDF.

➢ Letter Folding Now Available

The Bulk Mail Center has a tabletop folding machine for generic half-folds (bi-fold) and C-Folds (letter-style folding) using standard copy paper. The cost is $20 per thousand pieces ($20 minimum charge for orders less than 1,000 pieces). View our F.A.Q. for more information.

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