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View Detailed Mail Services Rates
You can view more detailed rate explanations here. We also have convenient links in the left-side menu for "Mail Services Rates" and "USPS Bulk Rates". Noted below are the few items that have recently been adjusted:

Tab machine cost for triple tabbing or oblong tabbing has a minimum charge of $25 due to setup time required (otherwise $10/thousand). This is done on separate machine prior to addressing.
Inkjet addressing cost triples if spraying 3+ items (address + return address + permit + custom message + ancillary endorsement) due to extra ink usage.
Minimum Machine Sealing cost lowered to $25 (i.e., if #10 envelopes delivered pre-stuffed but not sealed--with flaps folded down--BMC can machine seal them. Cost used to be same $40 fee as minimum inserting+sealing).
Envelope costs now vary by size and are based on vendor costs (all used to be $35/thousand)
    #10 Envelopes (lowered to $25 per thousand)
    6” x 9” Envelopes (remains $35 per thousand)
    9” x 12” Envelopes (increased to $60 per thousand)
Hand Sealing: if only manually sealing envelopes, subject to minimum manual sealing fee of $30 rather than $40/thousand rate applied when also hand inserting enclosures. (i.e., to manually glue 700 envelopes delivered pre-stuffed but not sealed, cost is minimum $30).

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